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Yearly Scrapbook Month by Month

February 3, 2015

Monthly Scrapbook //


If you’ve been following some of my posts this year then you’ll know that one thing I wanted to do is to make a 2015 photo book. And I’m happy to report that it has begun! As January came to a close I gathered together what I deemed were the essential supplies to complete a few scrapbook pages:

– book (you can get plain scrapbooks at the Dollar store, or craft stores would have a lot to choose from as well. The one I’m using I found at an antique store a million years ago and have just never used it for anything. So I thought this would be a good chance to do something meaningful with it)
– adhesive (I used washi tape and double sided tape)
– pens
– prints
homemade latte (yes, sugary deliciousness was essential to my creative process ;) )

Monthly Scrapbook //

I guess first off I should clarify that this is by no means some new creative ideas, or even something that someone else might want to replicate. It is, however, my version of anyone-can-do-it scrapbooking. I think people often hold themselves back from doing things because they’re “not creative” or need it to be perfect…. but I say just go for it! It only took me a few minutes to jot down some highlights of the month and stick a few photos on the pages, but I’m pretty sure I can guarantee that by the end of the year, when I’ve forgotten those random daily things and moments, I’ll be happy that I started this little project : )

Okay now to get to it! Basically all I did was organize my handful of photos chronologically and then decided how many I wanted on each page.

Monthly Scrapbook Project //

Monthly Scrapbook Project //
I also wrote a few quick notes about the month. This is where a Line a Day book comes in really handy… so much easier to look back on each day then it is to try and remember what happened!

That’s it! Like I said, nothing too fancy to see here. But I now have 3 pages already in my book, and I feel pretty good about myself. Bring it on February!

Monthly Scrapbook Project //

Monthly Scrapbook Project // Monthly Scrapbook Project // Monthly Scrapbook Project // Monthly Scrapbook Project //

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