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10 Temporary Wall Decor Ideas

February 6, 2015

10 Temporary Wall Decor Ideas //

On my quest to give my office a facelift I went searching for renter-friendly, aka temporary, wall covering solutions. And I wasn’t disappointed! I opted to go with this DIY triangle wall, but there are so many other ideas out there that I want to try now too! Watch out house, you’re about to get a makeover.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Diamond Wall Art // I Spy DIY

*she actually paints these diamonds, but you could cut squares of Contact paper and stick those up instead*


Washi Tape Wall Decals // Everything Emily

everything emily

Washi Tape Stripes // Ann Kelle

Ann Kelle

Floral Faux VInWallpaper // Classy Clutter

*fancy cutting machine/computer required, but it looks really awesome!*

Classy Clutter

Fabric Wallpaper // How About Orange


Sharpie Faux Wallpaper // Vintage Revivals

*this isn’t temporary, but you could use that trusty washi tape to make the lines instead of a paint pen and get similar results*

Vintage Revivals

Gold Polkadot Wall // The Homes I Have Made

Gold Dot Wall-001

Washi Tape Door // Crab + Fish

*maybe this is the answer to my ugly wooden door problems! Thank you internet*

crab and fish

Pink & Gold Triangle Wall // Green Wedding Shoes (MUR Removable Wall Patterns)

Green Wedding Shoes

Gold Herringbone Decals // Happy Valley Goods

Happy Valley Goods

Black Triangle Wall // The Lovely Things

DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters //

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