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Embroidered Photo DIY

February 18, 2015

Embroidered Photo DIY //

A while go I saw this embroidered photo DIY on A Beautiful Mess and decided to try it myself – and I loved the results! I didn’t actually follow their instructions, but both their way and mine is pretty straightforward and adds some cute details to any of your photos!

What you need:
– photos
– embroidery thread
– needle
– scissors
– pencil/colored pencils

Embroidered Photo DIY //

If you want to make it really easy on yourself start by grabbing some prints you already have around the house. They don’t need to be in black and white, but it helps if there’s some space in the photo to add your details.

Now time to get creative! I’m assuming on the ABM tutorial she printed the photo on regular paper because she uses coloured pencils to sketch out what she’s going to embroider. Pencils didn’t show up when I tried it on the front of the photo, so I sketched on the back instead. If you hold it against a window you can see exactly where the sketching/embroidery will be on the front. Just remember that if you want words you need need to write the letters backwards so they’ll be the right way on the front.

Embroidered Photo DIY // Embroidered Photo DIY //

Next, get your embroidery thread and needle out and start stitching! Tie a knot in the end of your thread and make your first stitch from the back of the photo to the front. Scroll to the bottom of this post if you want a photo step-by-step on a basic stitch. For words, use smaller stitches if you want it neater. I did large stitches to make it look more sketched (ok I just made up the ‘sketched’ part, but whatever you want to call it I liked it better like this haha)

Embroidered Photo DIY // Embroidered Photo DIY // Embroidered Photo DIY //

Have fun with it! If you can’t think of what to add to your photo try shapes like hearts, arrows, or swirls. Or if your photo is mostly faces you could add some new features to them by adding moustaches, hats, glasses, etc. It’s like the new versions of Sharpie-ing photos haha.

Embroidered Photo DIY // Embroidered Photo DIY //

I kind of went crazy when I started making these and I made a million different ones. But they’re so fun! You could also make some and frame them for personalized gifts for friends and family!

Embroidered Photo DIY //

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