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One Line a Day

January 1, 2015

One Line a Day book -

I used to love this time of year when I would go on the search for the perfect day planner for the coming year. But then along came the iPhone and suddenly itΒ was no longer practical for me to useΒ one anymore. Sad. I always like being able to look back on my year and see what I was up to every day. I’m also not a diary or journal keeper, but when I saw this cute little book it was the answer to my what-was-I-doing-last-year-at-this-time problems! Am I the only that thinks this is a void that needs to be filled in one’s life? I’m okay with that.

One Line a Day book - One Line a Day book -

It’s a 5-year book, with just enough space to write a few things that happened in your day. Each page is the same day in different years.Β It takes 2 seconds to write something and you can see what happened on this day last year as you write. Love it!

What better time then now to see where your year will go?

P.S. this would also make a fantastic DIY project if you want to save a little money. All you would need is a little notebook with at least 183 pages, write the date on the top of each page and you’re good to go!

One Line a Day book - One Line a Day book -

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