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Office Space Makeover

January 12, 2015

Office Makeover Before and After // www.thelovelythings.comOffice makeover time! Last fall I wanted to start this project, but only got as far as the cleanup-the-big-mess part. I did some reorganizing, but then along came visitors and holidays and it all got pushed aside. But this month I’ve been back at it and I’m pretty happy with the results so far!

Here are the before and afters:

Office Makeover Before and After //

I kept the layout of the furniture the same because I couldn’t really see a better option. Obviously the before photos show the big, disorganized mess that it was so I started by sorting through stuff for garbage/recycle, give away, and keep. I’ve moved a lot in the past bunch of years which has made me become a person who’s not afraid to get rid of stuff – something that helps when it comes to projects like these ; ) It’s all just stuff, and if it’s piled up in closets or boxes chances are you’re not really missing it! So might as well get rid of it and free up some space.

Once that was done it was time for the fun stuff – making it look cool! I started off by making this triangle pattern on our workspace wall. And get this, it only costs $5 and about an hour to do! It’s also completely removable so it’s a great option for apartment-renters like me! (DIY coming soon)

Office Makeover Before and After // Office Makeover Before and After //

Office Makeover Before and After //

These “lenses” are actually travel mugs, but I wanted to be able to see them all the time so they became office organizers! Side note: the Nikon one actually zooms! Love it.

Next up was tackling this bench/wall area. I wanted to keep clutter off the desks so I moved all the paper work stuff and craft/office supplies into these boxes. I also made a cover for the bench (DIY coming soon!) and added the pillows to make it look cozier. I put up the gallery wall back in the fall, but I might need to switch it up a bit now that I put the pillows there. We shall see.

In my first attempt to organize everything I was putting here I thought I would be crafty since there are so many “cereal box organizers” on Pinterest these days. I thought it would be easy and look great, but after I covered a few boxes with paper it wasn’t looking as polished as I wanted. So I headed over to IKEA online and found that they had a bunch of options for really good prices. The bigger boxes were $6.99/ea, magazine files were $3.99 for a pack of 2, mini chest of drawers was sort of a splurge at $9.99, but it was the exact dimensions I needed so I went for it. You can see 2 of my DIY attempts at the bottom right side, but I didn’t mind them so I’m leaving them for now.
Total cost: $36. Time spent assembling: 30 minutes. Happiness level: high. Lesson learned here: know when your time is worth more than saving a few bucks.

Office Makeover Before and After //

Office Makeover Before and After // Office Makeover Before and After //

Office Makeover Before and After // Office Makeover Before and After //

Okay, now the closet situation…. I’m still working on it. But I can close the door now and, despite it still looking messy, everything is labelled and organized. Another project will be to make it look better and hopefully do something with those ugly doors. Stay tuned!

Office Makeover Before and After //

I found this awesome WIFI printable by Life Love Lauren and thought it was a great idea! I added the network and password info in Photoshop, but you can print it straight off her blog and fill it in after if you want. Oh, and that’s just washi tape framing it.

Office Makeover Before and After //

As I said at the begining, that’s what I have so far! There’s still a few things that I want to figure out like the closet, curtains, gallery wall, etc but now that the majority is done I feel like it will be a lot more of an enjoyable, happy space to be in!

Office Makeover Before and After //

Cushions // IKEA // $4.99 each
Black and White cushion covers // IKEA // $5.99 each
Mini chest with 5 drawers // IKEA // $9.99
Magazine Files // IKEA // $3.99/2pk
Large storage box // IKEA  // $6.99 each
Wall decals DIY // The Lovely Things // $4.99
No-Sew Bench cover DIY // The Lovely Things // $10
WIFI sign // Life Love Lauren // free printable

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    No more mannequin?! (tears)

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      Creepy mannequin is gone!! Happiest day ever :P

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