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DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters

January 15, 2015

DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters //

As part of my office makeover I wanted to do something with the wall above our workspaces. I debated between making giant wall-size prints, a gallery wall, shelving, pegboard organizer… so many options! Shelving would’ve been awesome, but since we’re renting I try to avoid putting any more holes in the walls than necessary. After a lot of searching I finally came across two options that I really loved: this washi tape wall by everything emily and this triangle wall by Upcycled Treasures. In the end I settled on the triangles, but I’m thinking the washi tape option will happen in another room eventually.

The tutorial over at Upcycled Treasures is really good, but I switched it up a bit for my wall.

Here’s what you need:
– roll of Con-Tact adhesive shelf liner ($4.99 at Home Depot)
– scissors, ruler or measuring tape, pencil

DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters //

I started out by cutting a few different sizes of triangles and sticking them all the wall to see what I liked best. I decided that I liked bigger, wider triangles which conveniently made cutting them out way easier. I cut 6″ strips, cut those into three 6″ squares, and then cut those in half corner to corner to make two triangles. It went pretty quick and I didn’t have any wasted paper left over!

DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters // DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters //

Since the paper was rolled so tight I put heavy stuff on top of my cut out triangles to flatten them out a bit. It helped them curl less when I was sticking them up.

DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters // DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters //

Now the hardest part, math. Ugh. I measured and calculated and counted. I sketched and re-calculated until I thought I had it all figured out. But of course when I started putting them up it didn’t work exactly as planned. Math is stupid. BUT the good news is that it all worked out anyway. I started with the top row and marked the centre of the wall in pencil. I knew they were going to be 6″ apart so I put one on either side of the centre point with 6″ inbetween. From there I continued to stick them up 6″ apart all across the row. I totally eyeballed it for how low the first row would start and did it at a height that looked good to me.

For the next rows I measured 11″ down from the bottom right corner of the triangle above it so that they would be offset. I kept repeating this for each row until I got to the bottom, or in my case until I got to the desks. When I was done it looked like there was edges missing so I cut a few triangles in half and stuck them in the corners. The measurements aren’t the same there at all, but I don’t think it’s noticeable.

DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters //

I realize that this would’ve been much easier if I moved the desks and everything out of the way, but that looked like way to much work and I didn’t need to go all the way to the bottom since no one will be able to see it anyway. I have such good reasoning for being lazy haha.

I’m super happy with the way it turned out and whenever it comes time to take it down I can just peel it off – no painting needed! And for $5 you can’t go wrong : )

DIY Temporary Accent Wall for Renters //

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