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Stocking stuffer ideas

December 6, 2014

Stocking Stuffer Ideas - The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Twenty days ’til Christmas! Stockings have always been one of my favourite Christmas morning traditions. When we were kids it was the only thing we were allowed to open without having to wait for everyone else to get up, and they were always filled with wonderful things. But then you get older and you realize that when it comes time to fill other people’s stockings it can be rather difficult. So here are some non-kid stocking stuffer ideas to hopefully help you out!

Here we go….

The Baker: cooking extracts (vanilla, mint, maple, etc), unique cookie cutters, cute recipe cards, vanilla beans, cupcake wrappers, sprinkles, baker themed necklace, personalized cookie stamp, kitchen gadgets that they don’t already have, edible paper sheets, baking gift tags – I love these chalkboard printable ones or you could get creative and make your own!

Baker_Stocking_Ideas_The Lovely Things
helvetica // unicorn // necklace // camera

The Cook: recipe cards, painted wooden spoons like these or these, gourmet spice mixes, kitchen labels (there are tons of cute free printables here, or browse around Pinterest to find some others. Print them on label stickers and tie them up with a nice ribbon!), unusual pastas, specialty olive oils and spices. Check out gourmet grocery stores or specialty kitchen stores.

Cook_Stocking_Ideas_The Lovely Things
spoons // labels

The Tea Lover: milk frother (IKEA has them for $4, but most tea shops probably have them too), tea infuser (there are some awesome ones out there, check it out), tea filters for loose tea (David’s Tea $4.50), specialty/loose teas, tea cup or mug (or DIY one for a personal touch!), rock sugar, honey sticks, homemade spice tea mix.

The Coffee Lover: mug or travel mug (again, you could DIY a mug to make it personal), specialty coffees, mini bottle of baileys, rock sugar, personalized spoon, mug cozy (another great DIY option. Look how easy this one is! Or if you happen to knit or sew there’s a million ideas out there for that), flavoured syrups (Starbucks has a bunch, or you could make your own and put them in cute little bottles), small moka pot, espresso beans or grounds.

CoffeeTea_Stocking_Ideas_The Lovely Things
DIY sock mug cozy // coffee spoon // DIY felt mug cozy // coffee spoon 

The Traveller: luggage tags, passport wallet, digital luggage scale, travel sized games, travel size bottles for shampoo etc, pedometer, travel notebook, international power converters, cool world map (I love this scratch-where-you’ve-been map!), tote bag that they can document their journey on, money in the currency of their dream destination or next trip.

Green Thumb: packets of seeds, gardening gloves, garden markers (Buzzfeed has this wonderful list of DIY’s), gardening magazine, small garden tools, hand scrub (try making this vanilla sugar scrub!), herb scissors, mini terra cotta pots (dress them up with one of these ideas if you feel the need), hand lotion, succulent or small plant, stepping stone making kit (most craft stores should have them), if you’re feeling really ambitious you could make these seed bombs.

Garden_Stocking_Ideas_The Lovely Things

DIY flower pots // DIY wildflower seed bombs

Wine Lover: cute wine stopper, wine glass charms, wine aerator, corksicle, bottle opener, coasters (perfect gift to DIY. There’s so many good options out there! Check out this Buzzfeed list for some ideas) , chocolate, nuts, wine coffee mug (like this one on Etsy or make your own by using oil-based sharpies or ceramic paint)

The One Who Needs to Relax: bubble bath, pumice stones, lotion, candles, loofa, cuticle set, sugar scrub, face mask, magazine, fuzzy socks or slippers, new pyjamas

The Cold Lover: mittens, scarf, toque, hand/feet warmers, spiced tea mix, socks, dry soup mix, chapstick, travel size kleenex packs, individual s’mores for winter campfires.

The Movie Lover: movie passes, netflix subscription, popcorn, straws, pop in glass bottles, popcorn seasonings, favourite candy, DVD.

I realize that these ideas are mostly more for the ladies, and that guys are way usually way harder to buy for, but just think of a few of their favourite things and go from there. Are they a tech/gamer guy? Get them some energy drinks, cool USBs, new phone case, etc. Do they love to fish or golf? Golf tees, golf balls, fishing lures, mini bug spray or sunscreen. Once you have a starting point it’s not too hard, really!

And if you’ve made it to the bottom of this post and you’re still stuck for ideas then try this formula. Get something from every category and you should have no problem filling that difficult stocking this year!
– eat (chocolate, candy, small snack, homemade cookie, mini cereal box…)
– drink (individual hot drink mix, tea, coffee syrups, flavoured coffee mixes, mini cocktail bottle…)
– read (book, magazine, comic, joke book, notebook…)
– use (something practical like an electric toothbrush, lip balm, sharpies, rechargeable batteries, USB…)
– wear (socks, scarf, toque/hat, hair accessories, bow tie, shoe laces, temporary tattoo like these…)
– play (cards/travel games, crossword/wordsearch/sudoku book, puzzle, Rubik’s cube, Mad Libs, lottery ticket…)
– watch (movie)
– spend (gift cards)

Click here for a free printable list to make your shopping even easier… Happy shopping!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas - The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

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