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December 29, 2014

New Year Motivation with Lists - www.thelovelythings.com

Time for part 2 of my Getting Stuff Done post! How do you stay on track, keep the motivation up and the boredom away when trying to accomplish things? I know everyone is different and needs to do things in their owns ways, but I thought I’d share my plan of attack. All part of that accountability thing : )

I came up with 3 things to help me out this year and here is the first

Lists – For me it starts with lists. If I’m organized I’m not stressed, and I’m way more likely to do things when I see them written down rather then just trying to think of all the random things I need to do. I started with my list of 2015 “to-do’s” – changes I want to make or things to accomplish this year. And then came up with a few simple solutions on how I’m going to actually do them. For example,

meal planning // I don’t like to cook or come up with meals to make every day // Set a menu once a month and stick to it

drink water everyday // I don’t really get thirsty (weird, I know) so I never think to drink anything // keep a water bottle with me all the time as a reminder

get moving // I can’t justify spending money on a gym membership or classes // find different home workouts online to do. Also build exercise into daily life (walk to the grocery store instead of drive, etc)

etc etc

New Year Motivation with Lists - www.thelovelythings.com New Year Motivation with Lists - www.thelovelythings.com

I also found these awesome daily pages by Thyme is Honey and I love their idea! Each day you can write out what needs to be done, bought, cleaned, how much water you’re drinking and exercise you got, the meal plan for the day, and more! Basically your entire day is laid out on one simple page. I realize there’s probably apps that do similar things as well, but I think that sometimes seeing things on paper is more effective then hidden on your phone or tablet.

Thyme is Honey_Daily Page

But really, the best thing about lists? The satisfaction of crossing things off ; )

Check back later for my next posts about Making Time and Rewarding yourself.

New Year Motivation with Lists - www.thelovelythings.com

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