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Hot Chocolates

December 9, 2014

The Lovely Things ยฉ Zambonin PhotographyWho doesn’t love a good cup of rich and creamy hot chocolate on a chilly winter day? As good as regular chocolate is here are a few simple ways to add variety to your mug!

I once had a Mexican hot chocolate from a little chocolate boutique in Toronto called Soma, and every since then I’ve wanted to find another like it. So the other day I decided to go on a Pinterest search for recipes and discovered the same key ingredients in all of them: chili and cinnamon. So instead of making my own mix from scratch I cheated and just added a sprinkle ofย chili and dash of cinnamon to regular hot chocolate mix and it actually worked!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe - The Lovely Things

My next variation discovery was how to make mint hot chocolate. And it’s mind blowing… ready for it? Make your hot chocolate like you normally would. Then toss in a peppermint tea bag for a couple minutes. Boom. Delicious mint chocolate. Thank you internet.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe - The Lovely Things

I’m pretty sure that most people are aware that a mocha is just half hot chocolate and half coffee. But since I like the chocolate part more then the coffee I like to make a espresso in the Tassimo and add that to my hot chocolate. It’s the perfect balance! You could also use 1 teaspoon of instant coffee instead if you don’t have a Tassimo or coffee maker.

Homemade Mocha- The Lovely Things

And now for the always delicious salted caramel! I’m not usually a fan of mixing sweet and salty together in anything, but for some reason when it’s salted caramel it works for me. But then came the challenge. I searched through countless recipes online and they all had way more steps then I wanted to do. After all, when I want a hot chocolate chances are I want to be able to make it 5 minutes and not have a bunch of dishes to wash after. So I improvised.
1. Swirl some caramel syrup (like the stuff you put on icecream) around the inside of your mug 2. Add the normal amount of hot chocolate mix and a splash of milk and mix that together 3. Add boiling water and mix well 4. Top with whip cream if that’s your thing, add some extra caramel on top and sprinkle with coarse salt (sea salt) 5. Drink up and be happy with the fact that you didn’t spend $5 on this at a coffee shopย and it still tastes thick and delicious.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Recipe - The Lovely Things

Okay, so I had this whole post pretty much ready to go when my mom sent me this wonderful pin from She Knows. They made this awesome infographic with a bunch of different hot chocolate combinations and ideas! Pretty much makes everything I said above obsolete, but I’m okay with that. Check it out if you want more-complicated-but-probably-worth-itย drinks.

Have a cozy, hot chocolate filled day!

Hot Chocolate Recipes - The Lovely Things


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