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Brunch Love – part 1

November 1, 2014

The Lovely Things - Brunch © Zambonin PhotographyI blog about things that I like, and I like really breakfast. It doesn’t matter what day, time, or meal it’s supposed to be brunch is always delicious! So I decided to search Pinterest for some recipes and pull together a breakfast/brunch menu just in time for the weekend : )

The Lovely Things - Brunch © Zambonin Photography

Since there was just the two of us I didn’t want to make big, or normal, portions of each thing so I decided to make everything mini! I thought these itty-bitty pancakes were a good place to start… how cute are they!

The Lovely Things - Brunch, Mini Pancakes © Zambonin PhotographyNext up was some french toast which would later be cut up and made into french toast bites with brie and raspberries. Whenever I make french toast I use a pie plate to make the egg mixture. That way the slice of bread can lay flat and gets evenly coated every time! Much better then a bowl and trying to get it all covered, in my opinion anyway. The Lovely Things - Brunch, French Toast © Zambonin Photography

After that I tried a raved about method of cooking eggs – in the oven. I found a recipe for mini frittatas and one for mini omelettes. But after reading the ingredient lists I discovered they were exactly the same. So I combined them, and baked half in muffin cups and half straight in the muffin pan. My verdict? The ones in straight in the pan were better (texture and consistency), but obviously the ones in the paper baking cups made for way easier cleanup. In the end though they aren’t any easier or harder to make then regular scrambled eggs or omelettes, and they take longer (about half an hour), so unless I need individual portions I will be sticking to traditional scrambled eggs. And only have one frying pan to clean instead of 12 cups.

The Lovely Things - Brunch, Mini Omelet, Mini Frittat, Eggs, Oven © Zambonin Photography

Most of my brunch items were pretty traditional so when I found this recipe for smoked salmon with dill cream cheese I went for it. It was super easy to make, and had kind of a sushi vibe to it. Not very breakfasty, but still pretty good! And they look pretty.

The Lovely Things -Brunch, Salmon Cream Cheese bites, appetizer © Zambonin Photography

Now for a classic breakfast option: fruit and yogurt parfaits with granola. So how do you make this a little less ordinary? With homemade granola! I can’t believe I actually put in the effort to make my own granola.. I’m still a little shocked by it. But turns out it’s crazy easy to make, makes your house smells amazing, and tastes pretty good if I do say so myself.

The Lovely Things - Brunch, Fruit, Yogurt, Parfait, Granola, Homemade © Zambonin Photography

As I mentioned before I also made french toast bites with brie and raspberries, as well as stacks of mini pancakes with berries and maple syrup, chocolate-hazelnut-banana-covered-pancakes (I need to come up with a clever, shorter name for those), french toast and fruit kabobs, homemade hashbrowns, and egg filled bacon! Needless to say we were happy and stuffed after this feast. And I’d do it all over again! Recipes below

The Lovely Things - Brunch, Menu, Mini © Zambonin Photography

The Lovely Things - Brunch, Mini Pancakes, Maple Syrup © Zambonin Photography

The Lovely Things - Brunch, Buffet, Menu, DIY © Zambonin Photography

– French Toast and Fruit Kabobs – Skewer french toast and cut up fruit. Top with powdered sugar or maple syrup.
– Fruit and yogurt parfait with homemade almond granola (Sally’s Baking Addiction)
– Fruit-Brie Waffle Bites – I substituted waffles for french toast and strawberries for raspberries (Lemon Tree Dwelling)
– Mini pancakes with berries and maple syrup
– Chocolate-hazelnut-banana topped mini pancakes – I was originally going to make these mini pancake kabobs from Tablespoon, but I took the lazy way out instead. It happens.

– Smoked salmon and cream cheese cucumber bites (Baker by Nature)
– Cheese and Bacon Hashbrown Muffins (Recipe Tin Eats)
– Bacon Egg cups (Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body)
– Mini Omelette Muffins (One Good Thing)
– Mini frittatas (Tablespoon)

Stay tuned for part 2 where I’ll share how I made those lovely paper flowers and decorations! Happy eating!

The Lovely Things - Brunch, Fruit, Parfait, Granola © Zambonin Photography

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    Yum!!I’m pretty impressed that you did all of this AND yes, that you made the granola yourself too! Love it all!

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    […] originally planned on making mimosas for my brunch post, but I never did get around to making them for that. But ever since then I’ve had champagne […]

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