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Laura’s Favorite Things

October 16, 2014

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Today’s favourite things are contributed by one of my beautiful, wonderfully talented, life long friends… take a look below to see some of the things that fill her life with happiness!

Name: Laura Cathryn Hastings
Age: 26
Where you currently live: Langley, BC

Your favorite…

Place you’ve visited: Southridge Camp – Although I’ve been to Thailand, Paris, Rome, Kiev, and many other hot vacation spots, Southridge Camp will always remain my favorite place to visit. I attended this camp for 18 years every summer, each year growing in faith, friendship, and character. Though the camp didn’t have fancy ziplines or water sports, I was never more happy than I was sitting around the campfire with my best friends hearing a story and singing songs.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Thing to do out of the house: SHOPPING… I mean… exercise? I love exploring Fort Langley’s quirky boutiques and walking the Fort to Fort trail with a good friend.

Store etc: Right now, I LOVE The Cross Design in Vancouver. I can always find gorgeous trinkets and design inspiration here.

Thing to wear: My Fluevog Shoes. They make me feel feminine, powerful, invincible, and timeless!

green fluevogs[1]

Song/musician of the moment: I’m a big fan of LIGHTS. I love her positivity and quirkiness. Her first album can ALWAYS make me stop crying when I’m feeling blue.

Website/blog: Does Pinterest count? I could wander that for hours. I also love Cup of Jo’s blog.

Advice: “Just take it one thing at a time” – Dad. When I was in high school I often took on a lot more than I could handle (typical overachiever) but was often overwhelmed when I didn’t budget my time well (typical procrastinator). My Dad would always break it down with me and ask me what needed to be accomplished first. Together, we’d schedule how I’d get everything done – or at least the most important things.

Thing you’ve made: I’m quite proud of my second album, Perfect Stranger. I recorded it with Brian and Caleb Chan of Lion the Cub Productions in Vancouver. This album was a very therapeutic undertaking and I was so amazed by how it turned out. You can find it on iTunes.

Person that you don’t actually know: Celine Dion – I can’t help it. I’ve been a fan since infancy, I’m sure. I used to rollerblade around in my Dad’s shop with my friends and choreograph her songs. When I saw her in concert it was one of the highlights of my life.

Thing in your house: My tea cart. I hunted for months for the perfect tea cart to hold my record player and records. I found this one at a Mod Antique store in downtown Cloverdale for $50.

tea cart

Personal favourite: My Husband! He’s charming, hilarious, generous, compassionate, great at calculating discounts in his head, talented, and handsome!

http://thenickersons.caPhotography for the above photo by The Nickersons

P.S. anything in italics was added by me afterwards

P.P.S. if you would like to contribute your favourite things to a future post on The Lovely Things, just send me an email at!

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