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Wrapping Paper Art

September 23, 2014

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

This summer I was in one of those wonderful stores, you know the ones, filled with housewares, giftware, random/awesome things that you just happen to stumble upon and never find anywhere else again. I wandered around wanting to buy a lot of things that I didn’t need (obviously), when I came across a rack of wrapping paper. But it wasn’t your ordinary, boring, wrapper paper, but instead there was maps, prints, and patterns that looked more like art to me then something I would want to cut up and tape around a box. And the best part.. it was only $4 a sheet! So after looking through them all and debating how many I actually needed (yes, needed), I settled on four. Three of them looked like hand sketched maps of New York City, London, and the world, and the last sheet was a red and black pattern of british things.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

I found IKEA frames (Saxnas, $5.99 each!) that they fit in perfectly, framed them, and hung them up with Command Picture Hangers so I can change my mind later if I don’t like where I put them.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

If you can’t find any paper you like in stores, here are a few places online that should make you more then happy. I want to order a bunch more now that I’ve browsed these websites! But I’m quickly running out of wall space in my apartment…. oops.

Lagom Design (this is the brand of the paper I got)

Paper Source (these guys have beautiful vintage looking paper. Love it!)

Papyrus (I used to see this store in malls all the time, and they always had beautiful sheets of wrapping paper behind the counter. Online there doesn’t seem to be as many options, but maybe there’s a store near you!)

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

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  • Reply Teresa September 25, 2014 at 3:11 am

    I Love this! Will you take me shopping to any of these fun places? Pretty pleeease?!

  • Reply Liz September 25, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    Love this! You guys have done an awesome job getting them on the walls…mine is still wrapped up in our spare room..and the frame is safely tucked..still packaged..under the bed!

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