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DIY wedding aisle decorations

August 22, 2014

The Lovely Things © Zambonin PhotographyAnother wedding DIY coming at you!

For our “aisle” decorations I wanted something different, pretty but creative, and simple to make. Our ceremony was at a park and the aisle was a set of stairs going down a lake, so I just wanted something to make the existing stairs more weddingy (yes, I’ve decided “weddingy” is now a word). Through a combination of Pinterest ideas grew this final result:

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Here’s what you need:
– Tins of various sizes (time to start hoarding your recycling!)
– Gold spray paint (around $10 at Home Depot)
– Florist foam ($1 a block at the dollar store)
– Wooden skewers ($1 a pack at the dollar store)
– Smalls toys, pinwheels, etc (Party City was my best friend for this! The had a huge variety of small goody-bag type things that worked perfect). My mom also printed up a bunch of paper signs that I used too.
– Rocks or some sort of nice looking filler
– Hot glue gun

I started by figuring out how many tins I would need, which was 2-3 for each step. Then I decided I would need 3-5 “things” to stick in each one. Once you have your math figured out it’s time to start collecting!

Spray paint your tins with even coats and let dry. I probably did about 3 coats on mine.


While you’re waiting for those to dry in between coats you can get your sticks ready. I collected a bunch of things that meant something to us, or were things that we liked. Dinosaurs and cameras, although awesome for us, might not be for everyone haha. But add your personal touch and have fun!

Hot glue your things to the skewers and let them dry. Then stick them in some of that foam to  spray paint them if you want.


Then cut the rest of the florist foam into pieces that will fit in your tins. Arrange your sticks in however you like, and add the rocks or filler to cover the the foam and give the tin some weight. If your ceremony is outside you don’t want them to blow away!

Rain moved our ceremony to a covered area, but these still worked to have along the aisle. And afterwards we moved them to the outdoor reception area and used them as decorations over there too! Worked for me as an easy to make, budget-friendly, personal touch to our ceremony.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Watermarked images curtesy of Heart and Sparrow Photography

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