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Homemade tortilla chips

July 11, 2014

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

I’m a big fan of tortilla chips and salsa, it’s such a good snack! And by good I mean addicting, and by addicting I mean that I can easily polish off a whole bag in a night or two. Somehow I had heard that you can make your own tortilla chips by baking wraps, so I decided to try it out and see if it worked. Originally I thought that it would be the cheaper way to go, but I think it usually equals out to the same price in the end. But these are delicious and way more filling!

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

So heres what I do:
Gather up some tortillas, oil, and seasoning (salt is fine, but I like to use cajun or greek spice too). Also get out a cutting board, cookie sheet, pizza cutter, and pastry brush. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Lay the first wrap on the cutting board and brush with oil. Make sure you brush a light layer of oil over the entire thing (well, just the side thats facing up), and then sprinkle your seasoning on it. Layer the second wrap on top of the first and repeat the oil/seasoning steps. Just keep stacking the wraps, oiling and seasoning as you go.

When they’re all done, and still stacked, use your pizza cutter to slice it into 8 triangles.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Arrange the triangle slices on the cookie sheet making sure that they’re not touching (if they touch they won’t get crispy in those spots).

Bake for about 12 minutes, watching for the last few minutes that they don’t burn. They’re done when they are slightly browned and crispy.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Take them out and let them cool on a cooling rack or paper towel.

If you want some cheesy nachos (yum) then put them back on the cookie sheet, add some shredded cheese, salsa, and whatever else you like, and broil until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Take them out, put on a plate, and try and stop yourself from eating the entire thing yourself…. or don’t. I won’t judge.

Click here to print the recipe!

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

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