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I love these repurposed jars!

June 11, 2014

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

One thing that I decided when I started this blog is that I would actually attempt to do some on the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest. So here is my first one! I found this idea on two different blogs (eighteen25 and Los Dos Aiko’s), and then proceeded to do my own thing instead of following their instructions haha. It still worked out fine, but I probably should’ve followed a few of their tips anyway – such as using primer first. Next time!

My materials:

– 3 empty food jars
– Acrylic craft paint ($1 each at Micheal’s)
– Foam brushes ($1 for a pack of 3 at the dollar store)
– Drawer/cupboard knobs ($2 each at Home Depot)
– Drill or E600

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

The first job is cleaning out the jars and getting those labels off. I found the easiest way to remove them was to fill the jars with super hot water and let them sit for a while until the glue softened. Then they should just peel right off! Of course there’s always one that is particularly stubborn, so I found rubbing a drop of dish soap on the label and running hot water over it gets rid of all the glue residue.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

While your jars are soaking, grab the clean, dry lids and paint a layer of primer. I skipped this step and it definitely took a lot more layers of paint then it probably should have. Also, make sure to let each coat dry completely before painting again. Another mistake I made was trying to paint again too soon, and it started to peel off the other coats and make it uneven looking. So don’t expect this to be a 1 day project. I did about 5-6 coats of paint over the course of 3 days.

Once you’re happy with the colour of your lids its time to add the cute knobs you got! My local Home Depot didn’t have a huge selection in my price range (turns out those glitzy diamond looking ones are about $8 each!), but I found simple metal ones that I liked. Now here you have 2 options… Matt drilled a hole in each lid for me (thanks husband!) and I screwed the knobs right through to secure them. The other websites suggest glueing them to the top with E600, which would probably be more convenient but I didn’t have any on hand.

And thats it! Now just fill them up with whatever you like and enjoy your completed project!

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

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