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DIY wedding bar

June 22, 2014

Reception WS-24I realize that I’m starting to mention my wedding/planning a lot more often in my posts, but I will blame it on the fact that it had a lot of DIY’s and was the last party that I planned. That, and I’m also pretty proud some of the things we made! So you’ll probably see a few more of these kind of things pop up now and then.

First up is this dresser that we turned into a bar! I should also mention that we had a very small wedding…. as in 20 guests small. So this DIY bar was the perfect size for it.

I found 4 plastic shoe box size bins at Home Depot that fit perfectly in the top drawer. We filled them with ice and had individual bottles in there. My dad made a little support stand to put under the open drawer to give it some stability when it was filled up – thanks dad!

The mirror for this particular dresser had broke a while ago, so instead we strung random photos of us across it. You know, incase people hadn’t had enough “everything is about us! look at us!” moments for the day : P But if you’re using a dresser that has a mirror it would be cute to write something across it, like first dance song lyrics, favourite quote, or something like that.

The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Reception WS-14

I topped the dresser with lace and glasses for all the guests, along with gold sharpies and a sign encouraging people to write their names on their glass. Turns out Sharpies aren’t permanent on glass so it all washed off fine afterwards!

Reception WS-40

Lastly, I found those galvanized buckets at Dollarama for $2 each and bought a bunch before I knew what exactly I was going to do with them. I figured they would be used somewhere in the wedding, and they found their place here filled with ice and champagne!

And there you have it… our DIY wedding bar!

Reception WS-15All watermarked photos by Heart & Sparrow Photography


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