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I love my photo wall

May 26, 2014

© Zambonin Photography

I like printed photos. All those random snapshots of family, friends, and good moments in time should to be out and appreciated every day, not filed away on computers and iPhones. But once you start scrolling through all the photos you have you realize that there are hundreds… even thousands!

So how do you display them without spending a fortune on frames, and endless hours hanging them up? Not to mention that, if you’re anything like me, once you spend all that time and effort hanging them up you’re not too likely to switch out the photos too often.

Here’s my solution: the photo clothesline!
It’s easy to put up, barely leaves a mark so it’s great for non-homeowners, and you can add or change photos as often as you want!

– Grab a few thumb tacks (if you’re really crafty you could spray paint them gold or something fancy), some string, scissors, and clothespins.
– Put a tack in the wall where you want it to start, and tie the string to it.
– Then stretch the loose string across the wall to where you want it to end. You might want to recruit someone to help you make sure the line is straight before you put in the second tack.
– Put in that second tack and tie the loose end of the string to it making sure it is really tight.

Now go crazy pinning your photos to the line! If you have too many photos then make a second line… or third!

© Zambonin Photography © Zambonin Photography © Zambonin Photography

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