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I love Iced Tea

May 25, 2014

© Zambonin Photography

Growing up we had a giant Tupperware juice jug that we always called “the ice tea jug”. All summer we would keep it full, and it was always the best thing to have on those hot, summer days. The recipe? Not so top secret…. Good Host ice tea mix! And to this day I still consider it the best ice tea there is.

Sadly you can’t get it everywhere, and it’s not sold in Ontario. Sad day. But don’t worry there’s a happy ending to this story! Matt and I went to visit his family over Easter and my mother in law made some delicious sweet tea – the kind that Matt grew up with. It was delicious. Did I say that already?

So from her inspiration I decided to make my own homemade ice tea! Click HERE to print a recipe card for yourself!

© Zambonin Photography © Zambonin Photography © Zambonin Photography © Zambonin Photography © Zambonin PhotographyPhotography by Zambonin Photography



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  • Reply Abby May 25, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    Beautiful shots Amy. Make me want tea too!

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